• New Graduates and Final Year Students

    we'll help you find your first job!

  • Final Year Students and New Grads - before you make your big decision, have a week's work experience on us!

    Try before you buy - have a week's work trial

    We have received feedback from last year’s new graduates who have said “if only I’d had an opportunity to work in a practice for a week it would have taken a lot of the anxiety out of making such an important decision” so we have been working with employers throughout Australia who are willing to provide you with a FREE week’s working trial for you both to see whether this is the job for you.

    They are willing to pay:

    • Your return flights if the role is not close by
    • Hire car if required
    • 1 week’s accommodation at a good quality hotel
    • 1 week’s pay

    What you will get: excellent mentorship and training on top of the range equipment, the opportunity to be a part of a friendly team, learn about the culture and dynamics, learn about the area and accommodation nearby. A true reconnaissance mission, where you learn all about the practice/store and they learn about you. If you would like you to put up your hand for a one week FULLY PAID work trial or would like to know what employers are involved in this scheme email leeza@optomlocumservice.com.au or phone 0400 120 694


  • New or recent graduates

    We love to work closely with new and recent graduates to help you find the job you want, in the area you want with the salary and benefits you want. Most of our clients are smaller full scope optometry practices so if that's what your after sign up with us today. We can't promise anything but we will do our best. Sign up below and we'll be in touch.

    Final Year Students

    Sign up with us below so you can see the jobs we have on offer for new graduates and the salaries they are paying. We can help you set yourself up ready to go once you've graduated. If you're looking for a clinical full scope role with smaller groups and independents - we can help.

  • New Graduates and Final Year Students - Sign Up here, we'll be in touch!